Simple Tantra Intro

At the heart of tantric sex is the intimate joining of the male and female energies to reach one’s full potential and end the constant cycle of rebirths. Spiritual sexuality often starts with the woman, because women have the natural capacity to be receptive and channel masculine sexual energy upwards. Therefore sex is transformed into love through greater awareness, which implies that how we express ourselves sexually is more important than the sexual act itself.

Although women are generally considered the receptive force and men the active force, a closer examination reveals a more complex dynamic.  In fact, the seven chakras (or energy centers) of a woman are equal and opposite in charge to a man’s.

For example, the first chakra (vagina) is negative, the second is positive, the third is negative, the fourth (breasts) is positive…and so forth.  By contrast, a man’s penis (first chakra) is positive while his second chakra negative and third one is positive… and so forth.  This demonstrates how complementary a woman and a man’s bodies are which results in an electromagnetic field during tantric sex.

Woman’s body:

Plus and minus poles at breasts
and vagina respectively.

In Tantra, breasts (not the clitoris) are stimulated to achieve an orgasmic state. The breasts have a positive charge, and when properly touched, energy flows downwards to the vagina.  In turn, the vagina opens up to receive the positively charged penis.

Every woman is born with the capacity to experience effortless orgasm.  The fact that many women are struggling to climax during sex indicates that most of us have been misinformed about sex. Also, the root of many social problems such as violence and wars may be rooted in unfulfilling sex lives.

Orgasms usually fall into two main categories: peak orgasms and valley orgasms.

The peak orgasm is the result of muscle tension building up inside the body until it results in a climax that lasts about 10 seconds. It is usually promoted by Westerners, and the sexual energy moves downward and outward. The sexual energy stays in the genitals. The goal of sex is penetration and ejaculation, which may result in procreation. Consequently, both men and women tend to feel a loss in energy after a peak orgasm.

By contrast, a valley orgasm is the result of relaxation, and climaxing is optional.  This type of orgasm may last a moment or a few hours, and the focus is on bodily sensations and the connection with our partner.   This practice is often found in ancient cultures such as India and China where sexual energy is traditionally used to increase awareness and grow spiritually.

Man’s and woman’s bodies: Opposing female and male polarities generating a circular energy flow.

This kind of sexual practice allows the energy to go inward and upward through the woman and is redirected to the man. This energy is produced automatically by the proper alignment of male and female genitals, creating an electromagnetic circuit.  The relaxed state of both partners allows the energy to infuse the whole body, resulting in an orgasmic state. The master endocrine glands in the brain (pituitary and pineal) receive this energy and in turn help the body heal at all levels.

Some women may face resistance from their partners when they introduce tantric sex techniques in the bedroom.  We suggest to gradually present this kind of lovemaking, and to keep it fun and adventurous.  The man should feel that tantric sex will offer more choices and not perceived as a criticism of his abilities as a lover.

The positive impact of these experiences is well expressed through the words of one male client:

“(…) the simple concept of letting go of goal oriented intimacy has been a revelation (…) the beauty of the feelings of each touch or caress, the moment by moment sensation of each kiss, the loveliness of each moment of body contact, instead of each action being part of the path to the goal of orgasm.”

In Love & Service,

Jeff & Rose


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