Personal Consultation

During your initial consultation session, our goal is to help you get clear on what your intimacy and  sexuality issues are and to explore your desires and ideas for growth and satisfaction . Most people are surprised to learn how much sexual, physical and psychological limitations are affecting several areas of their life. You’ll also learn how simple it actually is to make immediate changes to improve your connection with your true sexual and personal power. The cost is $50.00.



Your Personal Package

This is a personalized package, developed from your initial consult. It is 4 Coaching sessions designed for Profound experiential work on presence, unconditioned consciousness, transcendence. Includes deep (and often enjoyable) work on self-connection & self-sourcing. The cost is $240.00.


Mastery and Training

This is a highly personalized ongoing plan developed by you and your coach(s). This is your path to personal and relational mastery. By now you have a clear and conscious idea of your sexual self. This is the time to express yourself in your world. To achieve and acquire the dreams and desires that had previously eluded you. This will be done at a co-created pace with your coach. The cost for the Mastery program is “as agreed upon” per you and your coach.