Our Story

As coaches we believe strongly in the importance and effectiveness  of cross  gender coaching  We have passionately studied, practiced and shared multiple methods of personal, spiritual and relational growth. Intimate Coaching is our common vision and expression that combines our rich educational and personal histories with our own unique take on experiential learning around intimacy, sex and relationships.
We started with a strong belief that the most profound learning happens through experience. Intimacy is an experience, as well as a subject to be studied. Methods and practices can be taught and learned that will increase your personal experience of intimacy and that is our passion.

                                                                                                                                 Our Mission

Our mission is to promote a deeper personal understanding of the full spectrum of intimacy through direct experience. The full spectrum of intimacy includes personal, spiritual, platonic and sexual forms of intimacy. Full spectrum intimacy results in a wholly connected and deeply loving human life.

Our Method

Ours is a personal, integrated and conscious approach to intimacy and relationship coaching. We encourage and assist people to clearly identify and communicate their needs, wants, and desires without blame or shame. We assist people in creating emotionally connected and erotically embodied lives. We will co-create the experiences of authentic relationships, by practicing vulnerability and deep connection with us.  You will learn the practices and tools you need to create profoundly fulfilling and passionate relationships.

Intimate Coaching sessions are individually customized to support you on a journey into yourself through simple mind-body-spirit practices from tantric, taoist and sexological bodywork philosophies. Intuitive counseling and energy work round out the support provided. Our clients report feeling more vibrant, genuine, happy, empowered, and are able to feel and experience more love.