On Having a Love Practice

Remember when your teacher told you that you had to do your homework and practice learning? The deeper I go into the study of sexuality and relationship the deeper I go into the concept of “practice”. Hardly anyone likes to practice and put sex and relationship in the same sentence as “Practice” and people kinda throw up in their mouth just a little bit.

I know you have a lot to focus on. Really important things. But is anything really more important than the person standing in front of you? And the person in front of you may be yourself standing in front of the mirror or a friend, lover, wife or husband.

We like things to come naturally. We like things to glitter in their newness. Well, then keep swiping left or right on your smartphone. What if there was another way? What if you could walk away from the image of love, sexuality and relationship someone else gave to you when you were small and discover the unimaginable joy of your own love practice? Are you ready to examine your relationship to relationships? Are you ready to be responsible for your own sense of love and practice loving? Are you ready to examine your own relationship to the idea of a “love practice”?

How about this. My wish for all of us is that we each take responsibility for our own need to practice sex, love, intimacy and relationship. Let’s all take responsibility for our own sense of love. When it comes to sex, relationship, intimacy and love whether it comes to us in a conventional or an unconventional form, let us all hold together that what feels like love is love. And that all the ways that we hold love needs practice.

Let us understand that whatever makes us feel small, unworthy, unwanted, unheard, or unhappy is simply not love. And let’s not practice that. Let’s get OUT OF THAT.

May we all grow wiser and happier through the fluid exploration of relationship and practice. May we all be rich in love in whatever form it finds us and commit to a love practice.

I hope there is something here for you, If you think an Intimacy Coach could be helpful to your practice. Contact Us today.

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