Internships and Training

Your Life – Embrace Your Path
Intimate Coaching training invites you into a powerful personal process where you will meet and expand your belief systems around sexuality, spirituality and relationship, move beyond shame, and learn to communicate your own needs, feelings and boundaries so you can have deeper, more passionate and exciting connections in your life.
Your Career – Inspire Others
There is nothing more inspiring or satisfying than claiming your own deepest emotional and sexual desires and then teaching others how to do the same. In this training, you will bring your full emotional and erotic self into connection with your coaches and clients in an environment where your needs for safety and boundaries will always be respected. By doing this, you can transform your own life and relationships while learning how to give support, guidance, and feedback to clients. Whether you already have a practice or are just starting your career, you will emerge from the training with a rich theoretical background and practical tools to work with clients’ most pressing sex and relationship concerns. Through this journey, you will become a skilled and empathic sex and relationship coach.

The Intimate Coaching Internship/ Training is for you if…
• You love to learn and grow and feel ready to take a deep dive into your own personal exploration and growth around sexuality, intimacy, and relationships
• You are the person that everyone always talks to about their sex lives and relationship because you are open and excited about the topics and you are ready to make these skills into a lucrative career
• You want to learn more about sexuality and relationships so you can change your life and inspire the people around you
• You are ready to change your career to something that really makes a difference in the world and offers you deep, personal fulfillment
• You want a community of like-minded people around you to support you in your life and growth and love you through the painful, challenging moments
• You have always known that your passion was supporting people in their growth around sex and relationships and are ready to embrace your dreams
• You are a sex and relationship coach, therapist, bodyworker, Tantra practitioner or somatic healer who is looking to broaden your approach and your client base.
• You want a cohesive, holistic and systematic approach and rich toolkit that will change your life and give you the confidence to help your clients with all of their concerns.
Client Demand = Potential
Whenever we explain that we offer experiential sex and relationship coaching to anyone, their immediate response is, “My partner and I need you!” or “Experiential? I have a friend that needs your help right now!” Sex and Relationship Coaches are in very high demand. This is because there is a tremendous amount of need for this work and very few people with the personality and skills to offer it.
When clients get to us, they may have spent years in talk therapy, but still haven’t found a sense of joy and ease in their sex lives or relationships. They need someone who is willing and able to open their hearts and share connection and touch skillfully, someone who can gently and assuredly guide them through the process of becoming more embodied, emotionally and erotically connected, and interpersonally empowered. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there offering help who don’t have the skills and the adequate training to help. Because there is so much shame around sexuality and most people are not comfortable with touch and connection, there are so few people who are willing and able to do this kind of work. This is a very special calling and if you are drawn to this training you are the person who can truly help!
To apply, reply or message us on our FB page with a description of why you wish to intern/train with us, your age, gender sexual orientation, current relationship status and any relevant skills or experience you have. Also be sure to include recent photos. ♥