The quality of every relationship begins with you. There is no need to wait for the perfect partner to come along to engage in Intimacy practices. The discovery and transformation always begins in your own body and mind first. As you learn to connect with all parts of yourself in deeper ways. You will have more access to love & pleasure with or without a partner. And the energy you learn how to cultivate will make you more radiant and powerful. Which has helped many of our clients attract or develop the relationships they desire.


Imagine an experience of intimacy and relationship coaching where you can feel safe and comfortable, a place where you can learn how to have the best sex ever and the most deeply loving relationships.  Through this compassionate and personal process you will change unhealthy emotional patterns and sexual dysfunctions so that you can find your true self, create your natural sexuality and develop relationships that are right for you. Whether you are in a sexless marriage, want to have a better dating experience, want to expand your sexual horizons or want to have stronger emotional intimacy we will help you create a life that is full of passion, communication and connection.


Trough our  intimacy coaching methods, you will be able to engage in real-time interactions with your partner and/or your intimacy coach, while receiving support, guidance and feedback.

Our coaches offer you a real experience of loving, accepting connection. Most people have not experienced the safety, relaxation and freedom that this kind of connection offers. For adults, a holistic experience of connection includes intimacy and erotic connection so our coaching includes erotic connection and learning. As you are establishing your own embodied sense of secure connection and erotic expansion in a safe and loving container, we help you overcome any obstacles in the way of bringing yourself fully to the sex and relationships you have or desire to have.

Our Intent

In Our Coaching Sessions, you will:

  • Connect with your true self and find out what you want out of sex and relationships
  • Receive clear and accurate sensual technique and sex education
  • Learn how to make sex better so you can replenish and refuel through your connections
  • Replace taboo, shame, guilt, performance and lack of emotional awareness with beauty, pleasure, laughter, freedom and self love.
  • Increase your sexual self-esteem and create a successful relationship
  • Bring powerful presence and intense desire into every sexual interaction
  • Move beyond routine “marriage sex” or sexless relationships into more exciting and connected sexual relationship.
  • Improve and transform your body image and self-esteem
  • Overcome shame around sex
  • define personal boundaries and safety
  • and more.
"Jeff's purpose is to bring back that easy relaxing intimacy for people that connects them deeply with themselves initially; and then with their lovers in a way that celebrates and honours our connection with one another."
Social Worker
"We can take care of our minds intellectually; our inner selves spiritually; and our bodies through nourishment. Giving ourselves permission to enjoy, celebrate, and love our sensual and sexual ways of being - at all ages and stages - is a priceless gift. Thank you, Angie."
"I promise there will be no regrets investing the time and money in learning with these coaches."