Personal Consultation-for Capable People Who Want More out of their Relationships and their Lives

Our personal and intimate relationships are one of the most important areas of our lives that will cause the greatest amount of satisfaction or pain. We are never taught the basic skills we need to be successful at relationships, yet we are surprised when our relationships, dating or marriage, fall short. Our partners will have a greater impact on our lives than our education, employer, the city we live in, etc. It’s ironic that this is also one of the most neglected areas of our lives that we do not seek professional help in. Because of the intimate and personal nature of relationships, it’s very difficult for us to notice our shortcomings and what is exactly holding us back in experiencing and expressing love.

Are you ready to hear how I can help you achieve better relationships, greater intimacy or a better dating experience?

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Your personal starter package

This is where OUR relationship begins. This is four one hour sessions within 30 days costing around $400.00. It is designed personally for you based on your initial consult. Email and message services will be available as well.  Here we will determine your goals, desires and the best methods and practices to assure your success. Together we will develop and practice the skills necessary to meet your objectives.  Click the link below if :

You want more passion in your body and less stress. You want to break out of limiting sexual patterns. You want a body that is alive with pleasure. You are done looking for happiness outside, and are ready to find the source within. You want full confidence that you are a truly amazing lover. You want tools to release insecurities and fears and build more love inside.


This is a highly personalized ongoing plan developed by you and your coach(s). This is your path to personal and relational mastery. By now you have a clear and conscious idea of your intimate/sexual/relational self. This is the time to express yourself in your world. To achieve and acquire the dreams and desires that had previously eluded you. This will be done at a co-created pace with your coach. The cost for the Mastery program is “as agreed upon” per you and your coach.