Conscious Touch

Through conscious touch, you can use your sexual energy as a healing force. It is the path for us to become each other’s healers instead of a source of each other’s wounds. Sexual energy is mysterious and powerful. On a physical level, it is powerful enough to ensure our existence as a species. On a refined level, it awakens us to our power, our eternal essence, and it allows us to see who we are beyond our bodies and to embrace the brilliance of our soul. Ultimately, it connects us to Spirit.

Awakening the divine feminine within through conscious touch is a beautiful way to refine your raw sexual energy. It is about awakening to the present moment and experiencing its richness and fullness. If you spend most of your time in your head, it is a challenge to drop down into the present moment. When you are goal-oriented in your sexual expression, you can easily miss the bliss. It will always be just outside your reach. Don’t miss the bliss! Your body is always in the present moment. Conscious touch drops you into your body and frees you from the incessant mind chatter that keeps you from pleasure.

What is conscious touch? We live in a touch-deprived world. We all can learn to touch each other more consciously. Through conscious touch, we can heal relationships. Conscious touch is the path to becoming a heart-centered master of your sexual energy. Here are some elements of conscious touch.

  • Conscious touch is to touch another without an agenda, without wanting to manipulate, control or have a specific outcome.
  • Conscious touch takes place when you touch another after first asking permission. Often we think our partner’s body is our body, but it isn’t. It is theirs. Asking permission creates reverence and respect.
  • Conscious touch occurs when you are centered in your body and connected to your breath, and you understand that your hands are an extension of your heart. It is the ability to send heart energy and love from your heart, through your arms to the receiver.
  • Conscious touch happens when you are able to create a safe space for the receiver to open up and receive in a way that allows that person to connect more deeply to him or herself.

All too often, we touch another or receive touch when we are under stress, transmitting stress energy. Or we touch as a way to reach a goal instead of simply being present and giving love. Our hands are transmitters of love. Remember the acronym HANDS – Heal, Awaken and Nurture, Doing it Sensually. Awaken your healing hands, and let them transform your sexual life.

In Love & Service,


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