Written by Jeff Rundquist

What’s this Feminine/Masculine Energy?

WHAT IS “FEMININE/MASCULINE ENERGY” ANYWAY? I’ve gotten into some discussions with people recently, clients, potential clients, colleagues, and friends on this whole subject of “feminine/masculine energy” and what does that mean anyway. To be sure, these terms feminine and masculine energy that are thrown around a lot in the personal & spiritual development community, are …

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Fear of Feeling

The Irony Though we now have more instantaneous and extensive communication (of a sort) with each other than ever before, we feel more fragmented and lack a sense of community and belonging. Even as our species has exponentially multiplied and overrun the planet, we suffer from an epidemic of loneliness. Then again, it’s not all …

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When Suggesting Poloyamory

As the collective conversation about embracing human sexuality extends to a broader range of ideas, more and more people are asking the question: “Is monogamy really the best choice for everyone?” Although polyamory has only recently gotten its big moment in the spotlight, it’s far from being a new practice. Evidence of polyamorous relationships goes …

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Consider a new script

There is no doubt that relationships are changing around the world and it’s a multifaceted topic of continuous discussions. What was once a universal institution that only involved two people of the opposite gender living ‘happily’ ever after is being questioned and tested in the developed world. In many cultures we’ve been taught that we …

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Declaration of Sexual Rights

DECLARATION OF SEXUAL RIGHTS In recognition that sexual rights are essential for the achievement of the highest attainable sexual health, Intimate Coaching: STATES that sexual rights are grounded in universal human rights that are already recognized in international and regional human rights documents, in national constitutions and laws, human rights standards and principles, and in …

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Resentment in Relationships & how to Recognize and Repair it

Resentment is one of the top destroyers of personal relationships. It is often so prevalent and chronic in some long term relationships that it goes unnoticed. It becomes normalized. Resentment is often a complex emotion to unmask. Sometimes it manifests itself as boredom. Other times it manifests itself as mild persistent annoyance. And other times …

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