Our Story

Is of a growing friendship, now a partnership, that has led to the mutual sharing of our desire for increased intimacy in our lives. We have passionately studied, practiced and shared multiple methods of personal, spiritual and relational growth. Intimate Coaching is our common vision and expression that combines our rich educational and personal histories with our own unique take on experiential learning around sex and relationships.

We started with a strong belief that the most profound learning happens through experience. Intimacy is an experience, not a subject to be studied. Methods and practices can be taught and learned that will increase your personal experience of intimacy and that is our passion.

Our Method

Ours is a holistic, loving and conscious approach to sex and relationship coaching that invites people to move beyond shame, clarify their needs and boundaries, live emotionally connected and erotically embodied lives, and experience the joy and satisfaction of great sex and authentic relationships.. By practicing vulnerability and deep connection with us, you will learn the pathway and tools you need to create profoundly fulfilling and passionate sex and relationships. It is pleasure-based, interactive and experiential.

Intimate Coaching sessions are customized to support you on a journey into yourself through simple mind-body-spirit practices from tantric, taoist and sexological bodywork philosophies.  Intuitive counseling and energy work round out the support provided. Our clients report feeling more orgasmic, relaxed, happy, empowered, and able to feel and experience more love.

Meet the Team

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Rosemarie Piel

Founder & CEO

Rose is a beautiful, sensual, experienced, courageous and authentic woman. This authenticity came at a price. For many years she chased the image of the “ideal” relationship. She intuitively knew that for to settle was to slowly drown in mediocracy and dullness. Relationship after relationship, therapy after therapy, lesson after lesson, she peeled away the shiny, superficial layers of the image. Revealing the co-dependency, the selfishness and the countless fears she held within herself. These revelations, these courageous travels into her own darkness, have been the cost.   The reward for this price was unexpected, self-love. She has a deep sacred and reverent love for herself.  She no longer needs. She is enough and as a result she freely and genuinely offers this love in all of her relationships. Through these offerings she remains full. She is no longer looking for love, for she has become that. Allow her to share with you the wisdom and wholeness she has dearly paid for.

Jeff Rundquist

intimacy, coaching

Founder & Chairman

Jeff is fully committed to living an ecstatic life.  Passion and intensity permeate his existence. His life has become a practice for and the expression of  joy, beauty  and peace. Having spent two decades in the limiting arena of clinical mental health, he has chosen to practice his craft in in the more liberated field of coaching, with no regrets. Personal freedom has been the driving force for his life since adolescence.  The desire for compliance and security seems to have eluded him. He has experienced trauma, tragedy, joy, happiness, the mundane, and transformed it all into a deeply held peace.  His relentless study of psychology, philosophy, science and spiritualty, have provided him with a wealth of knowledge beyond any university programming.  His preferred method of learning is through experience and teaching. This individualist nature has led to his one on one, somatic and holistic approach to working with people. He is proficient at public speaking; however his preference is always individual counsel. His quest for freedom has led him to a deep understanding of authenticity, intimacy and Love. For in the end Love is all that matters.


Personal Intimacy and Relationship Coach

Angelia is passionately dedicated to personal growth; both her own and yours. She has been dedicated to and completed our 9 month mastery program and internship. She possess the skills and experience necessary to assist the transforming of yourself and life into the one you long for. As an accomplished RN in the critical care medical field, she has a thorough knowledge of the workings of your physical body. She is compassionate with trauma, intuitive to your needs and devoted to your growth.

Her desire to learn new ideas, to experience new methods of healing and challenge old beliefs, perceptions and paradigms keeps her fresh and alive to change and growth. Her interests and knowledge in alternative therapies includes: sound therapy, aromatherapy, plant based and psychedelic therapies. Her somatic skills include sensual and tantric massage, tapping, structural integration, yoga and dance. A diverse sexual and open relational curiosity has given experience with BDSM, kink and fetish lifestyles. She knows the importance of sex and sexuality in a person’s life and is eager to explore this with them.

Allow Angelia to serve you, to personally assist you into deeper levels of personal, sexual and communal intimacy. She wants you to feel whole, connected, courageous and creative, just as she does. She willingly works with men and women as well as couples.

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