The Story Behind Intimate Coaching

We believe true intimacy is a learned, shared, in-person & face to face experience

By Jeff Rundquist

We live in the information age. We know that you have many options in your quest for deeper intimacy. Books, blogs, videos even retreats and groups. We know, because we have spent years engaged in all of them. We have been well informed by the “experts”. What makes us unique, is that we work with YOU. In person, face to face. Presence matters, touch matters and we are masters of both. Our skills in communication, somatic embodiment and heart centered intent cultivate a profound space of connection and clarity. From this space, intimacy happens.


“I did not realize how disingenuous I had been with myself and those I loved. This experience opened me up to a new level of self-awareness I could never have imagined. I am so grateful.”

Kelly W.

We work specifically with hetero-sexual, individuals in person and across genders. It is rare for a woman to work with a man or a man to work with a woman professionally in this very intimate way.  And yet it can be the most effective way heal and  to skillfully transfer these lessons and practices into personal, real life experience. Here you learn to become an intimate person. Which is to say, Authentic. Here you learn intimacy for Life.

We posses the knowledge, skills and experience in this very specialized way. You will be safe, honored and cared for in the most ethical and personalized way. We are passionate about or work, our clients and our lives. Be brave, trust yourself and us. Deep and meaningful connections with people are possible. Click the link below to find out more <3.