Kayla-Men's Intimacy Expert

Kayla has developed her unique style of coaching men primarily through direct personal contact with men. She has worked with hundreds of men, one on one, through her experience with Sacred Touch StL  as a platonic touch and men’s intimacy expert.  She really has a special gift for providing tools to work through the most core issues of men. Her relationship with her own sexuality and her fascination with romantic relationships is what led her to do this work. A continuous study of her own sexuality, coaching modalities and the needs, desires and difficulties of men, keep her fresh and knowledgeable in the field of intimacy coaching.

  As modern men have struggled with masculinity and shame around their sexuality, Kayla has a unique ability to help a person identify and heal past experiences that have adversely impacted on how they want to love and live today. She will honor you wherever you are on your journey of embodiment and awareness. Her personal style is very gentle, nurturing, and meditative. Together you will discover the erotic language of your body, by inviting mindfulness, slowing down, allowing you to savor sensations and thereby raising your erotic potential. This celebration of body and spirit is an interplay between arousal and deep relaxation, eventually taking you further than you ever thought possible! She creates a safe space where men can learn how to express their sexuality and passion in all areas of life.  

Kayla has helped many men with issues like these:

  • Have the confidence to ask any questions you want about sex
  • How to attract, date and maintain relationships with women.
  • Improve and transform your body image and self-esteem
  • Move from the “nice-guy” / “just a friend” category to a man women want to date
  • Explore your turn-ons / core erotic theme
  • Exploring your own sexual pleasure
  • Shift your porn addiction to more fulfilling embodiment
  • Overcome shame around sex
  • Reignite the spark into your relationship
  • Transition into a newly single life
  • Bridge the desire gap between you and your partner
  • Learn to communicate about sex and ask for what YOU want

Sex & Intimacy Coaching is the process of drawing out your inherent wisdom to refine your relationship with your sexuality and expand your potential for pleasure, passion and authenticity. I guide individuals to be more connected and authentic in their sexuality and body.  The best sex happens when your heart, your mind, and your body are all on board, and a little guidance can make all the difference. Kayla will ask you questions to make it easier to figure out what you want. She’ll make suggestions for things to try, information to read, and explore somatic practices that will help you tune into your desires and connect more deeply with your lover.