Jeff is fully committed to living an ecstatic life.  Passion and intensity permeate his existence. His life has become a practice for and the expression of joy, beauty and peace. Having spent two decades in the limiting arena of clinical mental health, he has chosen to practice his craft in in the more liberated field of coaching, with no regrets. Personal freedom has been the driving force for his life since adolescence.  The desires for compliance and security seem to have eluded him. He has experienced trauma, tragedy, joy, happiness, the mundane, and transformed it all into a deeply held peace.  His relentless study of psychology, philosophy, science and spirituality, have provided him with a wealth of knowledge beyond any of his university programming. He has studied Somatic experiencing, Hakomi and other Mind-Body interventions.  His preferred method of learning is through experience and teaching. This individualist nature has led to his one on one, somatic and holistic approach to working with people. He is proficient at public speaking; however his preference is always individual counsel. He has worked almost exclusively with women over the last five years because he knows only women have the power to change the world. This across gender coaching is unusual but highly effective and transformative. The women that are courageous and committed enough to work with him experience profound transpersonal effects. His quest for freedom has led him to a deep understanding of authenticity, intimacy and Love. Love for himself, for humanity and for life. For in the end Love is all that matters.

Have you ever asked yourself, how do I…

  • experience more love, joy and vitality
  • experience confidence and courage
  • nourish profound connection
  • nourish my creative life force energy
  • release and blast through blocks (shame, fear, trauma, etc.)
  • shift my emotional unavailability to available
  • expand my capacity to trust and surrender or lead
  • define my personal boundaries and safety
  • express my intimate needs and desires 
  • release doubt, anxiety, guilt and limiting beliefs
  • remove resentment, resignation and frustration
  • awaken my body from disconnection and heal
  • learn to love my body with compassion
  • learn to embrace my pleasure potential benefits
  • develop or deepen the connection with a partner
  • deepen self- connection on my terms by my design
  • live, love and laugh passionately

Jeff will guide you to your answers to these questions. It takes great courage to seek out guidance and support and to bravely go where you have not gone before. To set yourself on a quest for knowledge and understanding that will bring healing, wisdom and empowerment. And fortune favors the bold. Contact Jeff for your consult today.